Glorifying God through Angling


Captain Blake Smith

No stranger to the water many of Blake‘s influences as a child were professional fishermen and charter captains. He began his life long career in fishing in the shadow of his father, Capt. Keiland Smith, who owned and operated one of the first fishing radio shows in Florida and was a very active fly-fishing guide and instructor. This connection led a young Blake at the time to many of the resources and techniques that he now uses as his own. This early love of the sport lead Blake to very early success at the local and world stage. At the age of eleven he won his first fishing derby and by thirteen he had two Freshwater I.G.F.A. world records in the book.

While maintaining a steady presence in the Freshwater tournament world, Blake started moving up the ranks in the Saltwater circuit quickly. Fishing in the IFA Redfish Tour and IFA Lucas Oil Pro Am as a pro, Blake found himself with opportunities to become one of the only cross over professionals in the industry starting in 2015. This came shortly after posting a second place Angler of the Year that same year in the Pro Ams.


Blake's Motivation

Throughout all the years of fishing Blake was growing in another area too. His love for fishing became merely a glimmer in comparison to his love for Christ. Blake helped lead and be part of groups on mission trips in Africa, South America and Europe. This same love is what brought Blake and his wife Meagan together where they have both served overseas on the mission field. Fast forward seven years later, Blake and Meagan have three daughters; Anniston, Emmersyn, Adaline, and Ellalise.

The Smiths all travel together all year long. Blake says “If I am going to be gone half the year, I want my family by my side the whole time.” So beside being a wife, Meagan plays the roles as mom, teacher, chef, friend, organizer and the list goes on and on.

Blake and his family find themselves speaking at over 30 events per year, including Meet the Pros nights, wild game dinners, marriage conferences, Fellowship of Christian Athlete groups, FOCAS Chapel and many more. It is Blake’s as well as his family’s idea to use their platform to reach individuals and families across the globe. They have coined a phrase that they stand behind no matter where they go.



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