Live Events / Promotional


Meet the Pros

(7 events a year)

2020 events will be Texas, Central Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Michigan.

The attendance of these events range from 100-600 people with the largest gathering bringing in over 3,000 people.

6 - 8 of the biggest pros in the industry speak and dinner is served during the program. Each Professional angler will promote the event on his social media.

The demographics of these events remain mostly the same across the US.

10-25    35%        36-50    30%

26-35    20%        51+    15%

Sponsors are encouraged to send give-away items for each event for promotion.


Radio - 97 Country WPCV

Blake does a weekly radio segment called “ Catchin' with Captain Blake” every Thursday and Friday morning on 97 Country WPCV. Florida's number one country station morning show. The reach every Thursday and Friday is around 200,000 listeners per time slot. Blake has held these radio spots for 4 years 


Church Events

(Projected 30 events this year)

Blake and Meagan speak at churches, youth groups and events across the US. In 2019 there were 16 local and national church events. In 2019 Blake and Meagan have spoken at 21 events before the end of June and on track to be close to 30 before the end of 2019.


Non-church Events

(8-10 events a year)

Blake speaks and makes appearances at events, demos and shows across the US. These events range from product demos at stores to special appearance nights at fundraisers and banquets.


School Visits

(8-14 school visits a year)

Elementary and middle school visits account for 20 percent of visits and the majority are high school age groups. These events have the boat and truck parked outside of the school and usually contain 150-300 students. Some smaller events take place as well with school FCA programs. The FCA events range from 40-100 students.