On The Tour: Lake Guntersville

Like many other tournaments I felt I was more than ready for Guntersville. I found myself dialed in on a grass pattern in 3-5 feet and the occasional deep bridge bite, but those bites were few and far between. However, I knew I could get at least one quality bite per day on the one of the many bridges on the river.

Most of my bites in the grass were on Strike King Red Eyed Shad - original. In practice, I found that it wasn't uncommon to get 10-15 really good bites per day and that's where I decided to focus my efforts during the tournament.

Two factors really cost me during the tournament:

First, an extreme cold front pushed my fish off the shallower grass flats they were moving onto and into the deeper cuts. Secondly, I ran out of the bait in the colors I needed. I'm usually a firm believer that you can get caught of in colors and sound more than the fish, but for this tournament the fish were very picky.

For set up, I was using a MHX CB 906 with a 7.1.1. Reel on the red-eyed shad and a little heavier PLINE tactical fluorocarbon at 20lb.


Wes Lowry