There is two things I think about when someone says trout fishing. One, it probably means it's going to be a men's retreat of some kind. Second, I'm going to either end up frozen or soaked and frozen.

First time was in Grand Mesa, Colorado for one of my best friends bachelor parties. We fished the upper powderhorn and absolutely smashed the rainbows. Next, was the men's getaway this weekend with my brother-in-laws chasing rainbows and browns up and down the Tallulah river.

We kept the weekend as primitive as possible. Only throwing flies, no electricity, all food is cooked over the fire and of course was transferred there in an AO cooler 24-pack and kept cool with Arctic Ice tundra series. The Tallulah was absolutely awesome and a trout fisherman's dream.

One of the best parts was getting the opportunity to fish with one of my brother-in-law's custom split cane bamboo fly rods. Hieronymus fly rods are all built custom for buyers one at a time. At 7'7" the 4 weight could handle anything the river threw at us and them some.

Overall the weekend was a huge success landing over 30 rainbow and brown trout up to 14 inches. My BOL Greg landed his first fish ever on fly.

Wes Lowry