On The Tour: Potomac River

Last, but certainly not least. You can't forget the Potomac river.

The place literally has more fish than anywhere else we fished this year. Not a ton of big ones but a million fish in the 1.5 to 2.5 range.

I pretty much lived with two baits in my hand.

First, a black with blue tip Strike King stick bait and second, a Strike King cutter worm. Everyone caught them at the Potomac. After all my fish died on day one when the live well got turned off, catching up even with a great day two was a bear. I probably caught about 30 to 40 fish a day.

On day two, I had a great day and I feel it was much to do with downsizing from 17 pound PLINE tactical fluorocarbon to 12 and 15 pound PLINE tactical fluorocarbon.

Wes Lowry