Sometimes you just have to paint faces

We are all given very specific gifts. Some can be considered very handy. For some people they  utilize their gifts to climb to the top of the social ladder whether in sport or trade. What ever your gift may be, i want to encourage to use it for God and the good of others. 

With that being said i was never given any artistic traits or creative gifts as far as i can tell in the 33 years on this planet.  I've tried many times to do small artsy projects only to find myself disappointed and understanding a little more, why God made me a fisherman instead of an artist.

Considering that, this past week in alaska i had to take the helm of a different ship completely and pull together every ounce artistic ability i had in me. For a few minutes I had to man the face painting booth and paint a few faces at the Agape Fellowship Church  block party. For me, i knew i was lacking the ability to paint anything but a slightly distorted smiley face or fishing pole. But, for the few minutes i was there, i was Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel to those few children. 

I'm not implying that there is more to my face painting abilities than i knew i had. Only that if given the opportunity to harness what little talent you might have in any particular area to give glory to God or to help others, become everything you need to be in that moment. 

It always amazes me those stories you hear of heroism and amazing strength for an impossible feat. However, as much as it amazes me, it doesn't surprise me. 

The scriptures give us an explanation- <><

Matthew 19:26- Jesus looked at them and said, With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

So what ever your gift may be, or situation that arises that stretches you beyond you limits, remember nothing is impossible with God. 


Face painting in Palmer Alaska with Agape Fellowship Church ( Stormr Aero jacket)&nbsp;  With Chad Reid  

Face painting in Palmer Alaska with Agape Fellowship Church ( Stormr Aero jacket) 

With Chad Reid