Ranger Z 520c Intracoastal


I've become extremely spoiled in the boat world over the past few years. I always used flats boats most of the time when fishing both fresh and saltwater, just for what i saw as versatility.However, that changed about 4 years ago when i started using Ranger Boats crossover. 

The Z520c Intracoastals have changed the game for people who find themselves splitting their time and fresh and saltwater. The same design as the Z series bass boats Ranger is known for, but all the amenities of a saltwater boat.

First off, no carpet. The Intracoastal has 5mm syntec foam in the place of carpet on the front, back and console area of the boat.This will not rot like carpet and makes clean up a breeze.for me that means less clean up and up keep.  For me where time is such a valuable thing, it works perfectly. Not to mention those days where it feels like the rain will never quit, i never worry about needing to air it out.


    Ranger has also made sure that all rustable areas on the boat are fitted with stainless accessories, nuts and bolts. For people like me that find themselves occasionally needing some saltwater in their life, you can take out the worry of all the corrosion and rust. The same thing goes for the trailer aswell.  All aluminum constructed and fully saltwater submersible. Trailers are usually the first thing to go on any boat, but that is one thing less i have to worry about.

I've been very blessed to run these boats for the past few years and i can't even remember what life was like before the Intracoastals.

 📩 Email me with any additional questions  - Awesomefishingradio@hotmail.com