Product Review- Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin

There a few things I have found for certain about tackle storage systems.

1st- In mass production the quality control value has been absolutely thrown out the window. I'm sure if you're like me you probably have a nice supply of 10-20 clear plastic tackle trays stacked somewhere. Most of them cracked or latches are busted off or they might have those little rust stains in the bottom. Truth is you tell yourself your going to throw them away, but in the back of your mind your thinking they are only a year old and my grandpa would have beat my rear end for throwing away something that could be glued back together. Unfortunately this holds true every year when we buy more trays and the pattern continues.

2nd- Most of the labels on tackle storage systems give you great hope, but with little reality. Over the years i have seen terms like Breathable, Tough, no rust and even long lasting. Unfortunately the labels that say those things last longer than the boxes themselves. I'll admit every time I saw something new i would sell myself and use the catchy little slogans to sell my wife on why I needed to replace the others. Only to end up stacking one more on the leaning tower of tackle storage. 

I can honestly say that one company found the fix to all my storage problems. - (Bass Mafia)



The Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin has literally changed the game in tackle storage. Now I know everything will stay where its supposed to and take organization to a whole new level.  With the Terminal Coffin you can organize it how you want for hooks or weights and have everything you need right in front of you. Everything has a place and holds even in rough rides.

As for durability, there is not a tougher box on the market. One of my biggest pet peeves over the years is when you drop your weight box and it breaks or hits just right and all your weight end up in one compartment. With the Terminal Coffin those days are over. With the durable foam in the hook and weight coffins your hooks and weights are held in place and protected from each other. 

When your fishing tournaments at any level, organization is the key. With Bass Mafia they are constantly finding way to improve your storage game, resulting in less missed opportunities while in competition. Check them out at