Product Review - P-Line TCB braid

Here is my disclaimer ---"I have used a ton of braid over the years", so lets just say I know alot about braid for both fresh and salt water use.


Most people hear anglers from the south talking about braid and I'm Pretty Sure they think we're crazy. So let's clear the air........ they are not crazy, they have just learned over the years that the use of braided line can be very helpful.

I can assure you that if you are anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line you better being spooling it on at least a few reels because if not you are going to get your heart broke on a big bass.



There are a ton of braided lines on the market. Over the past ten years I have literally used every one of them in some form or fashion. I have heard the words: strong, durable, slick, small, thick a ton of words companies use to promote their style of braid. Many are strong or durable or slick, but it is a very rare occurrence that you find one that is all of the above. 

Then comes along P-Line TCB braid. Teflon coated,  strong, smooth, durable and everything all the other companies have tried to create for years. 

In most circumstances I use three different sizes.  10 pound, 30 pound and 65 pound covers just about all my bases . 10 pound for all my finesse and inshore saltwater applications. 30 pound for my moving baits such as swimjigs and swim baits. Last but not least 65 pound for flipping and casting moving baits into super thick cover. 

Picking the right braid is super important. Luckily P-Line has taken all the work out of it for you. You just need to figure out what your targeting and what type of cover and stick with the  P-Line TCB.

Most recently I used the TCB 30 pound braid when I was throwing frogs in semi thick cover at Lewis Smith Lake in Jasper Alabama and it helped me secure a $10,000 check. You can check out that video on You tube:

Over all the TCB Braid is a power house and should not be overlooked when your purchasing your braided line.

<>< Blake