The Best Lure EVER created!

What is the best Lure?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get all across the country. My answer changes every time, because in all actuality, what is the best lure?

The best lure is, was and always will be what ever you have the most faith in as an angler. There is no secret color, action or special sound that makes a lure the best lure. It all depends on your confidence and dedication to make a lure great. You might have one spinnerbait, crank bait or even a plastic worm that you feel always catches fish. If that's the case you're on the right track.

For example my personal favorite is a Strike King Lure Company 2.5 squarebill. Not necessarily because of its wobble or the color patterns it comes in . The main reason is because I use it more than any other lure in my box and I know everything it can or cannot do. When you take time to perfect a bait, you learn there are ways to stretch the limitations of that bait to suit your fishing style in other situations. This will give you more confidence and with more confidence comes a higher propabilty to catch fish. So the question is not what is the best lure, It's what lure have you made the best?